Diamond King Tut Pendant - 1.15 Carats Round Cut in Yellow Gold

Diamond King Tut Pendant - 1.15 Carats Round Cut in Yellow Gold


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Our Diamond King Tut Pendant captures the essence of ancient Egyptian royalty, meticulously crafted in Yellow Gold. This stunning pendant showcases a total of 1.15 carats of diamonds, with a brilliant arrangement of round cut diamonds forming the iconic imagery associated with King Tut, complemented by strategically placed baguette diamonds that enhance its historical allure.

Each diamond is carefully selected for its clarity (SI2-SI3) and color (G-H), ensuring a radiant display of luxury and timelessness. This pendant is more than just a piece of jewelry; it's a tribute to one of history's most recognizable figures, making it a perfect gift for history enthusiasts or as a standout addition to any collection. With 48 interest-free payments of $28.17, this King Tut pendant offers an affordable way to own a piece of art that is both historical and beautifully crafted, suitable for wearing at formal events or as a daily expression of refinement and cultural appreciation.

    • Cut: Round
    • Carat: 1.15 CTW
    • Clarity: SI2-SI3
    • Color: G-H
    • Gold: Yellow

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