As an ambassador, you will…

  • Make your own hours and earn commission every time someone uses your code
  • Represent Jain Jewelry Network on your social media
  • Be featured on their social network pages
  • Have the opportunity to receive free products
  • Receive a welcome tool kit
  • Have the opportunity to participate in new product launches
  • Get invitations to exclusive events
  • Represent the brand at photoshoots and events

By participating in the program, you’ll be the first to know about products, opportunities and people leading the style of the industry right now.

The jewelry industry is experiencing a triumphant resurgence that’s here to stay. If you’re excited about the industry’s possibilities, subscribe for the latest information and find out how you can help shape the industry.


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In order to be considered for the brand ambassador job, you have to…

  • Have an active social media presence on either Instagram, YouTube, or a personal blog
  • Have a public profile
  • Have a strong following on your social media

As an ambassador, you will…

  • Earn free products and discounts.
  • Spread the word about their brand through all social networks such as YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Blogging, etc.